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:: superficial WHORES ::

i get the feeling that you don't really give a fcuk

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This is a fan community about Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, stars of the simple life and Britney Spears. A place where fans of these "it" girls can come together and chill.


1. Speak your mind, but don't bash anyone (this includes Britney, Paris, Nicole, other users & communities).
2. Put pictures behind lj-cut
3. Limit promotion to one post a day. All community promos should be relating to one of the girls.
4. CONTRIBUTE!! Meaning, don't join just to read. We need participation.

Thanks!! Hope you have fun with :: superficial WHORES ::

xx Danny & Mercedes

Help us promote!! Just link these images to the community...Don't even need to upload them to your own server...Thanks!!

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