downtownsacboi (downtownsacboi) wrote in suprfcil_whxres,

Another Night In Paris: The Sequel

Oh no, Paris is at it again. This time Nick Carter gets involved. Paris should have learned after her little "experience" with Rick that sex and video cameras isn't too good for her public image.

Naughty Little Video - Take Two

Paris Hilton is back in the limelight with another scandalous video. Several sources are reporting clips have surfaced including the heiress puffing on what looks like marijuana chiming "Paris Hilton, Part Two: How to roll a joint!" Supposedly it includes the heiress getting it on with ex-boyfriend Nick Carter in the back of a car and at a night club. Paris also is seen answering the door wearing nothing but a "pore strip." The "Simple Life" star hasn't commented, but the tape is believed to have surfaced as a result of the recent robbery of her Hollywood Hills home. Paris! Paris! Paris!
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